2017 Year in Review

2017 was a great year for Phreckles! I made many new friends, danced to music, celebrated love (near and far), and documented cherished memories. Here are just a few of my favorite photos and moments from the past year – there were HUNDREDS. Thanks for your support! See you in 2018!!

Much love,
Cailey “Phreckles” McDermott
Salida Family Photographer TJ Hittle Phreckles Photo

Phreckles Photography Wedding Dance Party

Colorado Gay Wedding Boden Model Phreckles

Salida Last Waltz Salida Last Waltz Phrekcles

Wedding Guests Phreckles Wedding Photo by Phreckles

Salida Wedding Party Chaffee County Photographers

Phreckles Photography Vermont Gravelle_394

Gravelle_302 Gravelle_331

Gravelle_295 Gravelle_266

Gravelle_179 Gravelle_229

Gravelle_86 Gravelle_76

Waugh_109 Waugh_130

Waugh_116 Waugh_78

Waugh_58 Waugh_17

Chardon_153 Chardon_53a

Wiley_138 Wiley_201

Wiley_76 Wiley_67

Wiley_54 Hilbig_83

Hilbig_160b Hilbig_163b

Hilbig_170 Hilbig_132

Hilbig_25 Cobb_376

Cobb_393 Cobb_428

Cobb_421b Mount Princeton Weddings

Chalk Cliff Wedding Mt Princeton Dance

Colorado Wedding Phreckles Same Sex Wedding

Mount Princeton Wedding Colorado Wedding Decor

Horse Drawn Wedding Cowboy Wedding

Poncha Springs Wedding Colorado Wedding

Winter Wedding Ouray Colorado

New England Wedding Photo Edible Wedding Cake Phreckles

New Hampshire Wedding Phreckles Wedding Photo

Destination Wedding Photographer Flower Girl Phreckles Photo

New Hampshire Wedding Chaffee County Sunset

Salida Family Photographer Salida Engagement Photographer

Family Photography Phreckles Praying Mantis_3

Salida Family Photographer Ferraro_29

Post_51 Ferraro_47

Ferraro_4 Phreckles Photo Salida

Chaffee County Farm Phreckles Photo Colorado

Coaldale Photography Kian Puddle

Colorado Newborn Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photo Phreckles Blue Mesa Phreckles Photo

Family Photographer Del Norte Photography

Alyssa_45 Senior Photos Salida Alyssa_43

South Fork Photographer Chaffee County Seniors

Trout Steak BV Phreckles Vino Salida Stomp

Trout Steak BV Phreckles_37 Salida Famers Market

Otis Taylor Buena Vista The Lariat BV

Downtown Salida Colorado Soul Rebels Salida CO

Salida Market Phreckles Bike Jump Fail Salida

Salida Market CRM_5 Farmers Market Web

Snake Earth Day Band of Heathens Phreckles

80s Casino Night Ben Miller_1

Boys and Girls Club Phreckles Photo Denver March_18

Phreckles Photo Denver March_20 Phreckles Photo Denver March_17

Phreckles Photo Colorado Senior Photo Phreckles

Senior Photos Salida Family Salida Photographer

Christmas Mountain Salida