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Hello! My name is Cailey McDermott and I am the owner of Phreckles Photography in Salida, Co. I am an international wedding and event photographer in Salida, Colo. Telling stories through photographs is my passion and joy. I graduated from Saint Michael’s College in Vermont with a degree in journalism and a concentration in photography. For the past six years I’ve worked as a professional photographer and journalist. Growing up in the Green Mountains, I first started taking photos on vacations to the ocean and the western mountains. While the marvels of the world continue to pull at me, for now I’m delighted to live among the majestic Rocky Mountains. I specialize in journalistic-style wedding and event photography. I love to laugh, tell jokes (I’m forever working on my comedy sketch routine) and dance until my feet hurt.

After working hundreds of weddings, I got an up-close look at all the gritty details when I got married in August. (My husbands’ name is André and he’s the f**king best.) I love being married, but I never want to go through planning a wedding ever again. Ever. I much prefer to document weddings than be in them.

In addition to my business; I write, photograph and do PR for The Ark Magazine. And I’m the Heart of the Rockies Wedding Association president. In my free time you can find me doing a number of other odd jobs – from babysitting to ironing chair covers for Settings Event Rental.

I also enjoy donating my services to deserving non-profits — most often the Chaffee County Boys and Girls Club, occasionally the Salida High School Band and Articipate. I like to stay busy. You know what they say about idle hands…