Backyard Wedding Love

Deb and Ryan worked for months on their backyard, because that’s where they held their intimate wedding ceremony. The Salida couple kept it simple, sweet and sincere. It was a perfect day for a backyard wedding.

After the ceremony, more friends were invited to partake in the reception – which was in the front yard and the street. They got a street closure from the city for a few hours. Friends showed up on bikes, ate food, and danced the evening away. It was one of the easiest weddings I’ve done in some time. Everyone was so relaxed, there was very little formality or traditionally involved. I loved it.

Thanks for letting me in, friends!

Catering: Kalamatapit Catering
Ceremony Music: Matthew and Andrea Coen (members of Big Meadow)

Cake: Sarah Gartzman (Sweetie’s Sandwich Shop)


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