Gay Wedding Weekend!

Cailey : March 10, 2017 2:13 pm : blog, Photos

Scott and Brian exchanged vows at their family cabin in Nathrop, CO. They planned a full weekend of events for their visiting friends and family. They even handed out a “Gay Wedding Survival Pack” to everyone. They clearly have a great sense of humor. Their friend and chef, Biju, of Buji’s Little Cury Shop in Denver, cooked all the meals for the weekend – including the fantastic wedding dinner.

The fabulous team at Align Lifestyle Management planned the entire weekend – with a little insider help from yours truly.
Flowers: Rancho Verde Flowers, Nathrop.
White chairs, farm tables and barrels: Settings Event Rental, Salida.
Cake: Family member
Food: Buji – Buji’s Little Curry Shop

Thanks for looking and enjoy!

Rancho Verde Flowers Phreckles Photo Colorado Wedding Photographer

Chaffee County Wedding Chaffee County Weddings

Wedding Flowers  Rancho Verde Flowers Phreckles

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Gay Wedding Weekend Pagosa Springs Wedding Photos

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Lyneshard_117 Lyneshard_122

Candid Photography Phreckles Lyneshard_121

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Wedding Guests Phreckles Candid Wedding Photography

Colorado Wedding Campfire

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River Wedding!

Cailey : March 3, 2017 9:45 am : blog, Photos

Jodi and Claude are the ultimate adventure couple. They participate (and excel) in every outdoor recreation imaginable. For example, I once ran into Jodi at the top of the Monarch Crest Trail. Once she got on her bike, I never saw her again. Jodi and Claude live in Salida and are always down for a mountain bike, whitewater trip, hike or a climb. Their wedding was no exception.

They invited all their friends to raft down Browns Canyon to their wedding reception. But first, a pit-stop at Jump Rock to change, say their vows and “take the plunge.” Jodi went through the whitewater section on a standup paddle board. #beastmode. After Jump Rock, Jodi SUP’d in her long “river dress.” She’s really impressive.

Once the entire caravan of SUPs, kayaks and rafts made it to the reception spot, Hecla Junction, there was a quick change, (a longer change for the bride) and then the ceremony took place. The entire day was perfectly organized chaos. The weather was fantastic, the company splendid and the moods jolly. Definitely one of the most memorable weddings I’ve witnessed.

Planning a non-traditional wedding? Let’s grab a drink and chat. Out-of-the-box ideas are my favorite.



Groom Phreckles Photography Salida Wedding Photographer Salida Wedding Photography

Salida Wedding Photographer
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Elopement at Mt. Princeton!

Cailey : February 26, 2017 3:17 pm : blog, Photos

Maggie and Zach eloped to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and Resort. They had a short and sweet ceremony, and then we took some pictures around the resort. The couple planned on soaking a bit, then going jeeping and having a bit of a holiday while in Chaffee County. They said their elopement was perfect. I think Maggie’s shoes were perfect. That pop of color! I really dig it.

The newlyweds had a reception back East when they returned home.

Planning an elopement? Let’s grab a drink and chat.
Breckenridge Photographer Blue Heels Wedding Phreckles

Chaffee County Brides

Mt Princeton Weddings Wedding Photography Phreckles

South Fork Weddings Mt Princeton Wedding Phreckles

Blue Heels Mt Princeton Phreckles

Pagosa Springs Photographer  Wedding Photography Phreckles

Nathrop Wedding Photographer

Wedding Veil and Mountains Phreckles


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Jamaican Vows

Cailey : December 7, 2016 5:24 pm : blog, Photos


I dream of wedding destinations. I’ve done several, but in Jamaica a wedding gig took me all the way to Negril, Jamaica. It was my first time in the country. I absolutely loved the scenery and the people. Sadly, I didn’t leave myself enough time to explore outside of the Negril resort area. However, some of the crafters I met on the beach were extremely friendly and forward. (My kind of people.) I made fast friends with a man named Whitey and another who went by Captain Ganja.

Mike and Janine were married at the Sandals Resort in Negril. It’s a beautiful resort with a larger campus than I was able to explore in my 4-short days. The happy couple planned an entire weekend of events for their guests, and it was fun to get to know everyone a bit before the wedding.

Minus one rain shower, the weather was perfect the entire weekend. Congrats again to Mike and Janine! Thank you for including me in your destination wedding! I hope to return soon.

Are you planning a destination wedding? Because I am always willing. Have camera, will travel!

Thanks for looking and enjoy!


marr_2 marr_3

marr_7 marr_11


marr_18b Jamaica

Phreckles Photo marr_31

Phreckles wedding

A Phreckles original

Wedding Photography

Rio Grande Photographer Wedding Phreckles

South Fork wedding photography Phreckles Wedding

Jamaica vows

Destination wedding marr_89

Phreckles Photography marr_95

marr_97 Silverton Wedding Photos

Breckenridge photographer

marr_171 marr_113     

Salida Wedding Photos Pagosa Springs Weddings


marr_175 Salida Wedding Photos marr_172b

Phreckles Salida marr_208

Del Norte Weddings Colorado Phreckles

Phreckles dancing Creede Phreckles wedding

Phreckles Salida

Rio Grande Weddings Phreckles Photo Jamaica

Breckenridge Phreckles Photo

Destination weddings Phreckles
 Phreckles international wedding

international wedding photographer

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Cailey : January 26, 2016 2:20 pm : blog, Photos

Since September I’ve had the great privilege and honor to travel with The Colorado Health Foundation on their statewide listening tour. I’ve accompanied them on 5 tours, meeting people from roughly 40 Colorado counties. In two weeks, the tours pick up again, and we’ll head to the Plains. I’ve learned a lot about this great state I live in. About the geography, the struggles, the assets and most importantly the passion found in every town – regardless of size. I can’t wait to get back on the road and meet more people committed to promoting health in their communities! The goal of the Foundation is to be the healthiest state in the country – who wouldn’t want that?!

Thanks for looking!

All my best,


Wray_8 Wray_12


Yuma_1 Yuma_20

Yuma_4 Yuma_5

Ft Morgan_13 Ft Lupton_8

Greeley_1 Greeley_3

Greeley_5 Greeley_7

Erie_5 Erie_4

Ft Collins_7 Ft Collins_42

La Junta_11 La Junta_18

Lamar_1 Lamar_9


Lamar_14 La Junta_43

Lamar_33 Lamar_23


Las Animas_9 Las Animas_12


Swink_1 Swink_11

Wiley_11 Wiley_3

Wiley_15 Trinidad_16

Trinidad_13 Trinidad_26


Cortez_2 Canon City_1

Canon City_2 Cortez_7



Dove Creek_1 Dove Creek_2


Antonito_1 Antonito_10

Antonito_9 Antonito_11

Ignacio_4 Alamosa_9



Alamosa_21 Alamosa_15


Alamosa_28 Alamosa_1

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Newborn Photography

Cailey : January 19, 2016 12:41 pm : blog, Photos

My approach to newborn photography is a little different than the thousands of images you’d see on Pinterest. I do not prop babies up in unnatural positions. Nor do I use an excessive amount of props.

I photograph the baby, and parents, in their home. With a beloved stuffed animal, a handmade quilt and the crib passed down through generations.

While it’s not everyones’ cup of tea, the brave are rewarded for skipping the studio and artificiality that comes with it.

Please enjoy the images, and feel free to contact me for more information!

All my best,

Newborn Photography Salida Colorado Newborn Photography Phreckles

Anne_34 Newborn Photographer in Salida CO

Phreckles Photography Family Photo Family Photographer Salida

Salida Family Photographer Beya_20

Newborn Photography by Phreckles Beya_9b

Del Norte Photographer Phreckles Salida Newborn Photographer Phreckles
Pagosa Springs Photographer Phreckles

Summit County Family Photographer
Jackson_17b Newborn Photographer in the San Luis Valley

Newborn Photography in Breckenridge CO
Phreckles Photography in Salida CO Jackson_40

Newborn Photography in Salida CO



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Christmastime Proposal!

Cailey : January 11, 2016 2:52 pm : blog, Photos

Three weeks ago I had the great privilege to document a live proposal in Riverside Park, Salida! It was quite cold and dark. I waited around the park for 30 minutes, photographing Christmas trees in Holiday Park until I spied the couple. I had never met them, but I was sent a photo of the two from earlier in the day, so I knew what they were wearing.

Michelle and Matt, Texas college students, dated throughout high school. Michelles’ mom said, “I couldn’t have written a better man for my daughter.”

After Matt dropped to one knee, and Michelle gave a teary “yes,” I revealed myself from my hiding locale.

I snapped a few photos, with the flash on, then we went to the Boathouse Cantina for the receiving line of friends and family who were waiting to see the happy couple.

After a few photos with the family, we went back outside for more photos – without tears.

It was a lovely event, and I was extremely proud to be allowed present at such an important juncture in their lives!

Congrats again to Michelle and Matt!!

Thanks for looking, enjoy!

Christmas engagement in Salida CO
Proposal in Salida Co
Christmas Mountain Salida CO

M&M_23 M&M_25

Engagement in downtown Salida CO
M&M_35  M&M_31  M&M_32b

Phreckles Photography Salida

M&M_41 M&M_42

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Mr. & Mrs. Winkler!

Cailey : January 11, 2016 11:39 am : blog, Photos

Texan couple Misty and Dustin decided on a Salida ceremony, next to the Arkansas River. They wanted it brief before they eloped to enjoy the mountains.

The always eccentric Forrest Whitman with Weddings Your Way performed the ceremony. Misty and Dustin had two friends, and their two children as witnesses.

It was a simple, beautiful ceremony. Everything they needed – nothing they did not.

The marriage license was signed at the nearby River’s Edge Restaurant.

Thanks for looking, and enjoy!

Winkler_04 Winkler_03

Winkler_06 Winkler_10

Winkler_12 Winkler_13

Winkler_15 Winkler_20


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Mr. & Mrs. LaPointe!

Cailey : January 6, 2016 5:18 pm : blog, Photos

Christyn and Tim married at the Surf Chateau Hotel in Buena Vista Aug. 29 2015. Christyn decided she wanted to get married in South Main, Buena Vista months ago when she visited with family. The band she heard that night, The Haunted Windchimes, she hired to play their reception – on the same stage.

In addition to the beautiful day, that night was a Super Full Moon. What an evening to dance under the stars!

Many awesome Chaffee County vendors contributed to making this day awesome including: Settings Event Rental, Kalamatapit Catering, and Bash Cocktail Catering.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

Thanks for looking!!




LaPointe_20 LaPointe_24


LaPointe_39 LaPointe_41


LaPointe_48 LaPointe_46

LaPointe_67b LaPointe_69b

LaPointe_74 LaPointe_85


LaPointe_105 LaPointe_106



LaPointe_128 LaPointe_129


LaPointe_175 LaPointe_174

LaPointe_191b LaPointe_207

LaPointe_263 LaPointe_264

LaPointe_270 LaPointe_269


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Mr. & Mrs. Padilla!

Cailey : January 5, 2016 12:41 pm : blog, Photos

(Welp, I’ve been a bit distracted as of late.. but I’m back on track blogging from my weddings last year!)

Mario and Halie exchanged vows at the Salida SteamPlant Event Center Aug. 1. (Colorado Day!) Halie was a bridesmaid in a wedding I photographed at Old Cow Town in 2014. (How fun!)

Mario and Halie met in high school, and have been together ever since. Their friends and family spoke about how much they love and support each other. It was very evident. They also love to laugh and DANCE. (Two of my favorite things.)

Halie and her bridesmaids got ready at the ever-fabulous Palace Hotel in downtown Salida. The Angel of Shavano Car Show was also happening in the downtown area. Sadly most of the vintage cars left before the ceremony ended..

This wedding was full of everything you’d want, and nothing you wouldn’t. The venues were gorgeous, the bride and groom glowed with joy and the dance floor was packed all night!

I could’ve posted nearly every photo from this wedding, it was so hard to trim it down!!

Additional vendors included: Rancho Verde Flowers and Sweet Cheeks Bakery.

Thanks for looking, enjoy the photos!

Padilla_12  Padilla_20

Padilla_2  Padilla_13

Padilla_3  Padilla_5

Padilla_7  Padilla_30

Padilla_16  Padilla_17

Padilla_18  Padilla_51

Padilla_32  Padilla_26

Padilla_59  Padilla_60  Padilla_61

Padilla_54  Padilla_74


Padilla_91  Padilla_94

Padilla_96  Padilla_100

Padilla_117  Padilla_120b

Padilla_124  Padilla_127


Padilla_188  Padilla_192


Padilla_200b  Padilla_201b

Padilla_213  Padilla_218

Padilla_247  Padilla_251


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