Boys & Girls Club

For more than two years I’ve been donating my time and professional services to the phenomenal organization that is the Boys & Girls Club of Chaffee County. It’s been a privilege to document their fundraisers, award dinners and club projects. The staff are a great group of motivated adults. The kids are smart, determined and thoughtful young adults. It’s amazing to watch them grow and achieve. The Clubs (in Salida and Buena Vista) are always looking for volunteers and donors, get involved!

I’ve collected a few of my favorites..(most recent first) Enjoy!

Buena Vista Event Photographer Nathrop Event Photography

Phreckles Photography Chaffee County Event Photography

Summit Event Photographer Youth of the Year Phreckles Photo
Broncos Salida_9 Broncos Salida_6
Broncos Mascot
Broncos Salida_7 Broncos Salida_5Broncos_41 Broncos_62


Uptown Funk_81 Uptown Funk_35

Uptown Funk_41 Uptown Funk_64

Uptown Funk_91

Uptown Funk_109 Uptown Funk_107

Uptown Funk_102


Casino_39 Casino_46 Casino_38

Casino_14 Casino_15

Casino_18 Casino_19

Casino_26 Casino_31

Casino Night_40b Casino Night_32b

Casino_3 Casino_7

Casino_8 Casino_12 Casino_10

BGYouth_6 BGYouth_9BGYouth_4 BGYouth_17

BGYouth_2 BGYouth_20

BG Salida_20

BG Salida_17 BGYouth_5

BV Club_4 BV Club_6 BV Club_11

BV Club_14 BV Club_28
BV Club_34 BV Club_18BG Salida_6 BGYouth_1Boots_37 Boots_9 Boots_23Boots_14 Boots_22