Carly & Michael

Carly and Michael planned an intimate, family-only, ceremony among the golden aspens on the top of Poncha Pass, September 2014. The Denver couple scouted the location the day before. The Forest Service roads that lead to the site were rutted and slow. Everyone at the ceremony – including myself, were impressed that my low-clearance, sporty car made it.

I loved the location the couple found. Remote, secluded and stunning. (I’m getting married in August, and I’m considering a similar spot near the top of Poncha Pass – that’s how much I love this location.)

I really enjoyed photographing this ceremony because it was sweet, small and was fully supported by both families.

Carlys’ brother performed the ceremony, Michaels’ father played procession music and during the ceremony performed a song for the couple. The flower children were all relatives. The girls carried aspen branches, the boys carried teddy bears.

The weather was perfect, by the end of the ceremony there were no dry eyes.

Still one of my favorite of my weddings to date. These two knew how to keep it simple, letting only their love shine through. Well done Mr. & Mrs. Hester!



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