Vermont Wedding

Molly and Alex’s wedding at the Essex Resort and Spa in Vermont was one of my favorite weddings ever. This was for many reasons. I grew up with Molly. Our dads met at Saint Michael’s College – (the same college we would later attend together!) Our families traveled together twice a year for at least 10 years. Molly is family and I have loved her my whole life. When she asked me to photograph her wedding I cried with joy and surprise. I was deeply honored.

Second reason, my entire family attended the wedding – and many of the same wonderful people who attended my wedding! Some people might think working a wedding when 80% of your favorite people are in attendance wouldn’t be ideal. I disagree. I love mixing business with pleasure – that’s why I started this business. Photographing this wedding brought me much happiness.

Third reason, the venue is gorgeous! Although I grew up in Vermont, and attended college nearby, I had never been to the Inn at Essex. I love it. (Plus having two photogenic part-time models helped.)

Here is a collection of some of my favorites from that perfect day in July 2017. Thanks for looking and enjoy!

Inn at Essex Wedding Destination Wedding Photographer

Real Vermont Bride  Phreckles Photography

Wedding Veil Vermont Phreckles in Vermont

Inn at Essex Weddings Phreckles Photography Vermont

Essex Resort and Spa Wedding Vermont Wedding

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Phreckles Photography Vermont Inn at Essex Weddings

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Smooth Wedding Guest Inn at Essex Wedding

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Father of the Bride

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Vermont Wedding Phreckles Inn at Essex Weddings

Real Vermont Weddings Phreckles Photography

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