Wedding Extravaganza!!

   My last wedding of the season, was also my longest. Ellen and Jason decided they wanted a wedding weekend to celebrate with their friends and family — and they wanted each event documented. Events included a welcoming circle, trivia, blessing circles, a variety show, a morning dance class, the WEDDING, a farewell circle and brunch.

It was the most fun, intimate and love-filled union I’ve ever witnessed. These two people really love and support one another, and they have an amazing support system too!

I shot about 18 hours over 4 days, and just finished sorting/editing all 6,000 photos.

I could fill a book with all their images, but for this venue I will just give a few highlights from each day.

Many Chaffee County vendors were involved in this wedding extravaganza; including the venue Silver Cliff Ranch, wedding planning by Ululani Event Design, mocktails by Bash Cocktail Catering, flowers by Rancho Verde and linens from Settings Event Rentals.


Thursday_7  Thursday_14

Fri28b  Thursday_46



Friday_65  Friday_93

Sat Morn_14

Wed27   Wed30

Wed25   Wed33

Wed41   Wed45   Wed42

Wed48     Wed70



Wed87    Wed93


Wed94     Wed97

Wedding_80      Wed112

Wed119      Wed136


Sunday_8    Sunday_9

Sunday_10     Sunday_11